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Part Number Voltage Description
P100 18 Volt One+ Battery Pack
P101 18 Volt One+ Battery 2-Pack
P130 18 Volt One+ In-Vehicle Quick Charger

-- 14.4 Volt Battery --

(Before Resurrection - 7 volts)

Firestorm 14.4 volt battery low voltage before resurrection

Firestorm 14.4 volt battery with high voltage after resurrection
(After Resurrection - 15 volts)

Get New Life From Your Dead NiCd Batteries
  • Raise Your Rechargeable Batteries From the Dead
  • They Will Run with real Power again
  • They Will Take a Charge and Hold it Longer
  • 98% Success Rate!

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Ryobi brand power tool equipment is made by the Ryobi Industrial Tool company. When a Ryobi NiCd battery will no longer hold a charge or is close to being useless, you can get new life from your battery or device that contains NiCad batteries with Battery Resurrection. You can expect about a 98% Success Rate!

P110 18 Volt One+ 1-Hour Charger
P430 18 Volt One+ Car Buffer
P500 18 Volt One+ 5 1/2" Circular Saw with Laser
P824 18 Volt One+ Starter Kit Plus
P811 18 Volt One+ Torque IV™ Drill Kit
P841 18 Volt One+ Super Combo with Torque IV™ Drill
P861 18 Volt One+ Renovator Combo Kit with Torque IV™ Drill
P843 18 Volt 4-PC Lithium Power Tool Kit
P813 18 Volt 2-PC Lithium Power Drill Kit
P211 18 Volt One+ 2-Speed Hammer Drill
HP572K 7.2 Volt 7.2 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver
HP596K 9.6 Volt Drill/Driver
HP512K 12 Volt Cordless Drill/Driver Kit
P240 18 Volt One+ Right Angle "Close Quarters" Drill
P230 18 Volt One+ Impact Driver
HJP001K 12 Volt Compact Drill
P420 18 Volt One+ 4-1/2" Angle Grinder
P522 18 Volt One+ Variable Speed Orbital Jig Saw
P610 18 Volt One+ Hand Planer
P510 18 Volt One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw
P600 18 Volt One+ Laminate Trimmer
P530 18 Volt One+ Speed Saw™ Rotary Cutter
P410 18 Volt One+ Random Orbit Sander
P400 18 Volt One+ Corner Cat™ Finish Sander
P301 18 Volt One+ Stapler
P3200 18 Volt One+ Wet/Dry Canister Vac

P730 18 Volt One+ Dual Function Inflator
P740 18 Volt One+ Radio
P3300 18 Volt One+ Portable Fan
P310 18 Volt One+ Power Caulk & Adhesive Gun
P710 18 Volt One+ Tuff Sucker™ Wet/Dry Vacuum
P715 18 Volt One+ High Intensity Sppotlight
P2100 18 Volt One+ Blower
P540 18 Volt One+ 10" Chain Saw
P2500 18 Volt One+ Pole Pruner
P2400 18 Volt One+ Home and Garden Sprayer
P2600 18 Volt One+ 18" Hedge Trimmer


Battery Resurrection - Get New Life From Your Weak or Dead NiCD Batteries

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